Video 11 Apr

I love music …always have …but what upsets me about hip-hop sometimes … well a lot of the time is that you get boxed in… a lot. The ar form wasn’t always like that. I read where Kid Cudi said once ” don’t call me a rapper because it’s too many rules in rap” I completely understand that now. I play several instruments, listen to all types of genres … so why am I only allowed to make music within certain confines.

I had a record with a producer name eric haywood and ski beatz… who has done a lot with legends. We had a song we made called swag in early 2008. No one was saying it then and we all loved it. By time my record was done in 2009 … a lot of people were saying it…and it became a trend

When I tried to promote it … some djs  were instantly turned off by the name…without even playing it and dismissed it saying the word is dead.

Fast Forward 2012 and it’s not …its stronger than ever. Thats why I have so much respect for artist like Theophilus London, Childish Gambino, Chiddy Bang Hoody Allen ETC …because they do them.

So my point … don’t EVER let anyone tell you you can’t use a word, an instrument, a thought etc… just do you. In the words of The Queen Bee ” Get Your own shit … why you riding mind ” :)

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